Inisde The Salinias County Jails

April 11, 2014

From our Inside California Jails Series

The long-vacant Salinas Jail is best known for detaining Cesar Chavez in the 1970s

The former Salinas Jail was abandoned more than 30 years ago and elected officials are still trying to figure out what to do with it.

On one hand, it contains a lot of history- especially considering it’s the detention center that held labor rights leader Cesar Chavez after he refused to stop a labor boycott in the 1970s.

On the other hand, it’s not in very good shape and hasn’t been maintained for three decades.  Fixing it will be costly.

Today, Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds continues with our sixteenth series in our California Jails: Inside Salinas County Jails.

Here, we will fill you in on:

  • Which agencies are fighting to have the building preserved and historically designated
  • How they intend to stop its demolition
  • The consultant that’s been hired to help find an alternative use for the facility
  • The initial cost to start weatherizing and repairing the jail’s long-leaking roof
Is there a jail you’d like to learn more about? Let us know- we’ll get you “inside” (or, if you need, we’ll get you out!)


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Visalia Jail Decision Delayed Until August

April 4, 2014

A spokesperson for the Tulare County Jail said a they have decided to delay a decision that involves the acceptance of more than $33 million in state grant funding to use toward construction of a new jail.


The reluctance to accept, according to county officials, relates to the fact that the state initially awarded the Visalia Jail project upward of Read more »

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PBUS Names 2014 Individual Of The Year

March 23, 2014

The President of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS) has named this year’s Individual of the Year. The 2014 honoree, it seems, is a true hero and pillar of the community.

Gerald Madrid never set out to be a hero.  On this particular Sunday he went to church, just like he had each week in the past.  No one ever thinks a tragic event will happen at a place of worship, but during this particular mass, it did.

PBUS Individual of the Year

At some point during the service the choir began to Read more »

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Criminal Responsible For Creation Of 3-Strikes Is Back Behind Bars

March 10, 2014

A 49 year-old career criminal who helped inspire California legislatures to implement the state’s Three Strikes Law has been rearrested.

In fact, a spokesperson for the Fresno County Jail said there’s a decent chance that Douglas Walker could spend the rest of his life in prison.
The arrest took place at the end of February, they said, and his latest charges include a probation violation, criminal threats and domestic violence.

The suspect is currently being Read more »

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Grand Jury Says Santa Barbara Jail Food Is ‘Good Enough’

January 30, 2014

Recent inmate complaints about meal quality spawned the investigation

Inmates at the Santa Barbara County Jail feel their meals are too small and too bland.

It all goes back to the summer of 2012, when cost-cutting measures in the budget led the jail to contract meal services to an outside company.

That company, Aramark Correctional Services, is now charged with buying the food and setting the menu.

Since that time, detainees say things have Read more »

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Kern County Police Using Social Media To Raise Crime Awareness

January 19, 2014

A police department in Kern County, California said they’ve turned to social media to help raise awareness about crime.

The Tehachapi Police Department is now connecting with community members using Facebook, they said, and they might Read more »

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LA Jails Say 25% Of Defendant GPS Devices Does Not Work Correctly

January 12, 2014

The numbers are in, and they don’t look good.

A recent report by the LA County probation department says that up to 25 percent of the GPS devices that have been used to track violent offenders do not work correctly.

GPS bracelet

In some cases, these felons were not properly tracked for Read more »

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Napa County Jail Switches To Video Visitation

January 9, 2014

Jails throughout the nation have been changing procedures when it comes to inmate visitation, and the days of in-person visits are soon becoming a thing of the past.  Now, family members who wish to spend time with incarcerated relatives  at the Napa County Jail will join those who are spending time with inmates through a Skype-like video chat.

Video Chat

The county joins a long list of others that have jumped on top of this bandwagon, although they say attorneys will still be able to meet with clients face to face.

The new system will reportedly Read more »

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Animal Rescue Now A Top Priority For The LAPD

December 22, 2013

Members of the Los Angeles Police Department have long worked to protect and serve residents of the city, but they’ve recently expanded those efforts to include their fuzzy, four-legged companions.

The LAPD envisions the City of Angels as becoming more compassionate, and in order to achieve that, they are making sure that all those who live within its borders, including pets, are kept safe from harm.

LAPD saves dogs

In the past 12 months, officers have saved an abused donkey, rescued a kitten that was running through traffic and even helped Read more »

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Former UBA Banker Released On $10.5 Million Bail

December 18, 2013

A former high-ranking Italian banker who has been charged with multiple counts of tax fraud has been released on $10.5 million bail.

Raoul Weil was arrested in Italy in October.  Authorities have alleged the Swiss citizen helped Americans avoid paying taxes by hiding their assets in offshore bank accounts.

million dollar bail bond

The defendant appeared in court earlier this week but has not yet entered a plea.  His attorney has said Weil intents to plead not guilty at his Jan. 7 arraignment.

The US Magistrate judge who presided over the bail hearing said the defendant could be released pending trial, but only if Read more »

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