Monterey Jail Expansion Said To Have Little Impact To Environment

July 17, 2014

Before any big-scale project can get the green light of approval, the proposal needs to be run over with a fine tooth comb to see what, if any, impact it will have to the local environment.

And the recent environmental impact review of the proposed Monterey County Jail expansion shows little, if any negative effects will take place if the project moves forward.

The worst that could happen, they said, is that there could be some added noise and traffic issues, but if construction hours are limited and the right equipment is used, all of those concerns can be mitigated.

And if pedestrian access is Read more »

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Inside The Expanded Riverside County Jail

July 10, 2014

From our Inside California Jails Series

The soon-to-be-built Indio Jail will focus on education, rehabilitation

There’s been a lot of talk about what lies ahead for Riverside County’s newest corrections facility.  Although there will be several key modifications from the others, such as a video-only visitation policy between inmates, their friends and family members, another big difference revolves on rehabilitation.

Having extra bed space is good, according to county officials, but finding ways to keep inmates from reoffending (and winding back up in the system)- is even better.

The expanded Indio Jail will have a number of programs and and educational opportunities that are geared toward accomplishing that goal.

And while some detention centers offer little in the way of helping inmates advance life skills, the newest Riverside County Jail is hopeful that if their model is successful, others may follow their lead.

Today, Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds continues with our seventeenth series in our California Jails: Inside the Expanded Riverside County Jail.

Here, we fill you in on:

  • The types of programs that will be offered
  • The types of goals jailers have in mind
  • When the expansion is set to be complete and
  • How much the finished jail is expected to cost

Is there a jail you’d like to learn more about? Let us know-   we’ll get you “inside” (or, if you need, we’ll get you out!)



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Counties To Allow Bail Bonds For Undocumented Immigrants

July 6, 2014

In the past few months, more than 135 counties throughout the United States have said they’ll no longer honor ICE holds for immigrant jail inmates.

So what does that mean, exactly?

Orange county bail bonds for illegal immigrants

In the past, if someone was arrested and jailers believed they didn’t have papers, they’d detain that person on an immigration hold.  Even if the crime was relatively minor (being drunk in public, having warrants for unpaid parking tickets, you get the gist), the inmate would not be allowed to post bail bonds.

Instead, the facility would Read more »

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Inmate Educational Platform Gets A “Thumbs Up”

July 2, 2014

The maker of an electronic, self-learning driven platform learning system that’s geared toward reducing recidivism is receiving some pretty high marks.

Jail Education Solutions says that when inmates are provided with educational and vocational opportunities while they are serving their time, they’re far less likely to reoffend once their sentence is up.

A 2013 RAND Corporation study found that investments in educational programming can cut recidivism by as much as 43 percent over a three year period.   In addition to freeing up bed space, Read more »

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LAPD Rampart Under Fire Again

June 29, 2014

A longtime LAPD Rampart Station officer is in hot water this week after audio of him making racist comments during a Police Academy session have made their way onto the interwebs.

Veteran detective Frank Lyga has admitted that it’s his voice on the recording, and what he said is truly shocking.

Lyga was involved in an officer-on-officer shooting back in the late 1990′s that resulted in another man’s death.  That man, off-duty LAPD officer Kevin Gaines, was African American.

To this day, Lyga swears up and down that Gaines pulled up alongside him, flashed a gang sign and started to pull out a gun,  which is why he pulled out his gun and opened fire.

Suffice to say Gaines’ family has disputed that testimony from day one and said it simply never happened.

To make matters worse, if you listen to the recent recording you’ll hear Lyga say how he “could have killed a whole truckload of them and been happy doing it”.

The remarks are raising more than a few eyebrows, and the LAPD has since removed the man from his post at the police academy and has pulled him out of the field.

Opening the big can of worms

The Rampart Station was tossed under a microscope after Gaines’ shooting, and eventually, the subsequent investigation led to the arrest of about 70 different officers.

The scandal also wound up having more than 100 convictions overturned.  And once that was all said and done, well, the feds stepped in to provide oversight to the department.  (That oversight just ended not too long ago, actually.)

It was such a big story that Hollywood even made a movie about it.

Lyga was eventually exonerated in the shooting but the LAPD still paid out about a quarter million to the deceased officer’s family before the matter went to trial.

But to this day, the detective still claims he’s been unfairly painted as a racist.

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PBUS Releases Mid-Year Conference & Expo Line Up

June 22, 2014

This year’s Mid-Year meeting is scheduled to take place at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee, and the Professional Bail Agents Of The United States (PBUS) is pulling out all the stops.,+Tennessee.jpg

What’s most exciting, they said, is a Honkey Tonk Party that’s scheduled to take place on Tuesday night.

The event will feature American country music singer Chris Janson, who has written songs for artists such as Justin Moore and Tim Moore.  Some have gone so far as to call him the future of country music.

Another well-known personality is also set to make an appearance.  Duane “Dog” Chapman is scheduled to speak and his wife, Beth Chapman, will talk about how social media is being used to help with bail bonds and assist with fugitive recovery.

Other meeting highlights will include a “tools of the trade” speaker session that will be led by Leland Chapman. He’ll focus mostly on non-lethal weapons and how they can be used during fugitive recovery situations.

There will also be a breakout session entitled Modern Skiptracing, which will outline how tracking a skip has changed over the years.

Another speaker will help bring attendees up to speed on bail law and other legal updates.

Lastly, the Mid-Year meeting will also feature a golf event, committee meetings and a scavenger hunt.

See the full line-up here:  PBUS 2014 Mid Year Conference Membership Meeting & Expo


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Courts Warn Citizens Of Sophisticated Warrant Scam

June 4, 2014

Criminals have hatched a fairly sophisticated warrant scam, and the US District Courts are warning citizens to be on the lookout.

It all starts with one simple letter.  The crooks are sending them out to people all over the country, and the people on the receiving end are obviously getting freaked out.  Why?

warrant scam

The documents say they are in big trouble with the law and an arrest warrant has been issued in their name.  Some are accused of bank or wire fraud, others learn they are wanted for missing jury duty.

But there is one thing all of these letters have in common-  each one promises the legal matter will be taken care of, as long as the recipient of the letter sends money.

Ultimately, according to the court, it’s one big fat scam.

The letter seems to look official, they said, and has a fake district court logo, a case number and a phone number to call to obtain a settlement amount.

But the federal courts don’t deliver warrants by mail, fax or email.  If you do have a warrant, it would be hand delivered by the US Marshal Service or another member of federal law enforcement.

If you do receive one of these bogus warrants you’re asked to contact the FBI right away.

The court points out these letters are being sent out in all areas of the country which means anyone could fall victim to this scam.

The recent alert comes on the heels of several others, most of which involve companies contacting victims to say a relative has been arrested and they need to wire money for bail bonds in order to get this person out of jail.

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Family Of Slain Bondsmen Speak Out At Sentencing Hearing

May 22, 2014

For those working in the commercial bail bonds industry, the news that two bondsmen brothers were gunned while trying to apprehend a bail skip really hit home.

And this week, during the sentencing hearing for the man responsible for those deaths, Brandon and Zachery Sims’ family had the chance to speak out.

Law scales on table in front black background. Symbol of justice

Their father, who owns the company his sons worked for, stood beside family members as tears started to roll down his face.

Although defendant Stephen Stewart was not the man the bondsmen wanted, he chose to grab a gun and open fire when they arrived at the house.

Zachary was killed in the hallway, while Brandon lost his life while trying to run away.

Stewart was arrested several days later.

And just last month, he entered a plea of no contest to two charges of voluntary manslaughter.  In exchange for that plea, several other charges were dismissed.

Stewart, now 28, has been ordered to serve 38 years and four months in a California prison.

Brandon and Zachary’s mother said knows her sons are in heaven, and reminded their murderer that it’s not too late for him to pray for forgiveness.

Their father, however, said part of his soul died alongside his boys.  The pair had never been in trouble, he said, and they never hurt anyone.   Both men were unarmed at the time they arrived at the house and identified themselves as bondsmen before walking into the premises.


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County Jail Takes A Page From The TSA

May 16, 2014

And here you thought body scanners were just for airport security.

That’s no longer the case in Colorado, where jails have been given the option to buy old TSA body scanners after they upgraded to a newer model.  The blue-book value on these bad boys is just under $160,000, but the Grand Traverse County Jail said they paid just $15,000 for theirs.

Basically, it’s just another tool for them to use to make sure drugs, weapons and other banned items don’t make their way into the jail.

Every time a person is taken into custody, they’re booked, processed and patted down.  The goal of this, according to jailers, is to Read more »

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Inisde The Salinias County Jails

April 11, 2014

From our Inside California Jails Series

The long-vacant Salinas Jail is best known for detaining Cesar Chavez in the 1970s

The former Salinas Jail was abandoned more than 30 years ago and elected officials are still trying to figure out what to do with it.

On one hand, it contains a lot of history- especially considering it’s the detention center that held labor rights leader Cesar Chavez after he refused to stop a labor boycott in the 1970s.

On the other hand, it’s not in very good shape and hasn’t been maintained for three decades.  Fixing it will be costly.

Today, Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds continues with our sixteenth series in our California Jails: Inside Salinas County Jails.

Here, we will fill you in on:

  • Which agencies are fighting to have the building preserved and historically designated
  • How they intend to stop its demolition
  • The consultant that’s been hired to help find an alternative use for the facility
  • The initial cost to start weatherizing and repairing the jail’s long-leaking roof
Is there a jail you’d like to learn more about? Let us know- we’ll get you “inside” (or, if you need, we’ll get you out!)


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