Why Robert Durst Was Denied Bail

April 1, 2015

Bail amounts in murder cases are often set quite high and are frequently seen in the millions of dollars.

Multi-millionaire real estate heir Robert Durst has been denied bail and will need to remain in custody until his case is over.

Fugitive Heir

Photo Source: Jeff Berman

This decision could largely tie to a statement the defendant made during the filming of the HBO documentary, “The Jinx”, when he said “you can’t give someone charged with murder bail because they are going to run away, of course.”

If the defendant Read more »

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Study Shows CA Incarceration Rates Are All Over The Map

March 31, 2015

The number of people being held in local and state lock-ups has dropped drastically from its peak in 2007 but the county-by-county numbers vary quite a bit.

Riverside county jail lawsuit presses on

Liberal areas of the state tend to have far fewer people behind bars than their more conservative counterparts; the San Francisco Jails have an incarceration rate that is less than half of the California average.

Experts believe it all boils down to varying approaches to law enforcement.

Some counties are Read more »

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High and Undercover

March 30, 2015

A California man found himself being carted off to jail after he walked into a police department, claimed to be an undercover narcotics officer and asked for keys to a patrol car.


Department officials chatted with him briefly, noting the 22 year-old was quite adamant about who he was and why he needed a vehicle.   The man said he preferred an unmarked car since he was on an undercover assignment.

The now-defendant didn’t have any sort of identification on him, they said, and was unable to produce a badge, gun or anything else that would have backed up his claims.  Porterville PD representatives said they were pretty sure he was Read more »

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First-Time Offenders Could Get Sentenced To Classes, Not Jail

March 27, 2015

Corrections officials at the San Louis Obispo County Jail say they’ve been racking their heads to come up with a solution to their latest problem;  not only has there been a massive increase in misdemeanor defendants due to the passage of Prop. 47, jails are also still dealing with inmate crowding brought on by the prisoner realignment program.

Internet education. Books and computer mouse.

The newest idea relates to tapering down punishments for certain first time offenders and it’s received unanimous approval from the county Board of Supervisors.

The program is designed to operate in a similar fashion to traffic school; as long as the defendant finishes the one or two day program, criminal charges will not be filed.   And since charges will not be filed, the incident won’t show up on a criminal background check.

A spokesperson for the county say this won’t Read more »

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Santa Rosa Jail Hops On Video-Visitation Bandwagon

March 26, 2015

Detention centers throughout the US are moving from in-person to video-only visitation policies; the Santa Rosa Jail is the latest to make the switch.

Video Chat

Corrections officials say there are a number of reasons they’re swapping out one for the other.

First, it saves manpower since deputies no longer need to screen each visitor for a face-to-face encounter.   Second, it allows family members who live in other cities, states or even countries the ability to connect with incarcerated loved ones.

The jail is still in the process of Read more »

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Dips In Santa Rita Jail Population Could Lead To Budget Cuts

March 25, 2015

Sources within the Alameda County Board of Supervisors office say the county is considering a reduction in sheriff’s department budget allocations now that the average daily inmate population has started to decline.

Inmate advocates have long felt that rehabilitation and reintegration programs should be the greater emphasis; locking people up without giving them the tools to reenter society does no one any good.  Recidivism rates tend to be higher, they said, and it creates a revolving-door situation at county lock-ups.

Now, with recent data showing that inmate populations have started to decline, a trend which may be tied to the implementation of Prop. 47 and the 2011 CA inmate realignment, advocates say Read more »

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Prop. 47 Continues To Cause Unintended Consequences

March 24, 2015

In November 2014 CA voters gave their approval to Proposition 47, a ballot initiative that reduced certain felony offenses to misdemeanor crimes.

Prop. 47

The law took effect immediately; inmates who had been sentenced under the old guidelines suddenly found their cases being re-looked at.  In some instances, those who met certain eligibility requirements were told their sentences would be cut short.

In theory, Prop. 47 was to reduce jail capacity rates and place greater emphasis on rehabilitation for those who were arrested on low-level drug crimes.  Instead,  law enforcement officials throughout the state have Read more »

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Shoplifting Suspect Gets Caught, Fakes Seizure

March 23, 2015

Police in Santa Monica will tell you that at this point, they’ve just about seen it all, especially after a shoplifting suspect faked a seizure last week after being caught in the act.

The 34 year-old man came onto the radar of in-store loss prevention agents after employees saw him stash a bottle of cologne in one of his bags.  He assumed no one saw him, they said, and he continued to browse various departments throughout the store as if nothing was wrong.

A few minutes later he moved onto a sunglasses display, where he five-finger-discounted pair into the parcel that was stashing the fragrance.  Loss prevention agents waited until he left the store before approaching him; when they did, the man fell to the ground and appeared as if he was having a seizure.

When the paramedics arrived the shoplifter admitted he’d faked the entire thing.   The suspect was booked into the Santa Monica Jail on a misdemeanor petty theft charge.

Read the full story here: Man fakes seizure after caught shoplifting at Bloomingdales in Santa Monica

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Top 3 Questions About Bail Bonds

March 20, 2015

Most people have never found themselves in a position where they’ve been asked to help arrange bail bonds for a friend or family member.  Below are the top three questions that bail bonds professionals are asked by those who have never gone through the process.


    • Do we need to worry about the defendant being denied bail?  In most circumstances the answer to this question is “no.”   As long as the person in custody hasn’t been charged with a capital offense they will be provided the opportunity to post bail bonds.   On the other hand, if the defendant is Read more »

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Court OKs Use Of Civilian Employees In Orange County Jails

March 19, 2015

A California state appeals court has upheld a lower ruling that allows the Orange County Jail to use civilian employees within the detention center.


Had the decision been overturned the OC Deputy Sheriff’s could have been awarded up to $8 million in damages.

The union sued the county five years ago, saying that deputies had their employment status reclassified to civilian Correctional Services Agents.  The CSA position was a newly created one, according to sources, and it was estimated to save taxpayers roughly $8 million each year in overtime and salary costs.

The legal back-and-forth lasted Read more »

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