Prop 47 Causing A Felon Frenzy Throughout Humboldt County

December 11, 2014

In the Nov. election, California voters passed Prop. 47,  a controversial ballot measure that reclassified certain felonies as misdemeanors and required mandatory re-sentencing for inmates who had been previously sentenced on those specific crimes.

3D Prisoner breaking chains

Proponents of the measure claimed it would reduce CA inmate populations, free up jail bed space for the worst of the worst and would also save taxpayers millions of dollars.

Elected officials in Humboldt County are singing a different tune; they say that since the measure passed roughly 35 percent of sentenced inmates have Read more »

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Inside The Gay Wing At LA Men’s Central Jail

December 2, 2014

From our Inside California Jails Series

Corrections officers will often share stories about inmates who are trying to smuggle drugs and other types of contraband into county lock-ups; others often speak about detainees who try to forge weapons out of common things inside their bunk.

But when it comes to those being held at the gay wing of the Men’s Central Jail, inmates joke that they’d be more interested in trying to smuggle in cute underwear and in trying to make sewing needles out of non-contraband items.

K60 inmates say they are trying to make the best of a bad situation; they put on fashion shows and have a “word of the day” cheer to help entertain themselves.  Incarceration may not be easy, they say, but they’ve done their best to create a sense of community.

Most of the inmates are being held on drug related offenses, according to one detainee, and many of them have been shunned or disowned by their families due to their sexual orientation.   For them, being in jail with their K60 family offers a far greater sense of emotional support than they have in the outside world.

Today, Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds continues with our eighteenth series in our California Jails:  Inside the gay wing at the LA Men’s Central Jail.

Here, we will you in on:

  • How inmates are getting creative
  • The types of every-day items that are being repurposed
  • How standard-issue clothing is being transformed into jailhouse couture
  • Why non-gay inmates try to sneak their way in, and how the jailers weed them out

Is there a jail you’d like to learn more about? Let us know- we’ll get you “inside” (or, if you need, we’ll get you out!)


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LAPD Jailer Arrested For Participation In ‘Bail Bonds Scheme’

November 6, 2014

A civilian detention officer at the LAPD Van Nuys Jail was arrested yesterday for his alleged participation in pay-for-play bail bonds scheme.

Van Nuys Police Station Sign

The suspect, 42 year-old Leonard Ramirez is being charged with bribery for his role in passing key information about defendants onto local bondsmen.  Sources close to the investigation say one or more companies compensated Ramirez for Read more »

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The Morning After: New CA Sheriffs, Voters Say ‘Yes’ To Prop. 47

November 5, 2014

Now that the mid-term elections have come to a close, Californians throughout the state are waking up to a new chapter.

Although some local elections, such as those which decided who the next sheriff will be, only impact a handful of residents, last night’s passage of Prop. 47 will impact everyone.

Voters give nod to Proposition 47

The highly contested ballot measure which has reduced penalties for certain crimes has been passed by voters.  When the law takes effect in January, certain drug and theft offenses will now be classified as misdemeanor crimes, as opposed to felonies.   What’s also of note, is that up to 10,000 convicted felons who are serving time for one of these types of crimes may be eligible for resentencing- and many could be released altogether.  The law also stipulates that CA savings in prison spending will be re-routed to the Department of Education, treatment programs and part of it will be added to a crime victims fund.

Jim McDonnell elected to replace former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca

The LA County Sheriff’s Department race ended in a landslide, with Read more »

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CA Ballot Measure Aims To Reduce Penalties, Sentences For Certain Crimes

October 19, 2014

When Californians go to the polls this November they’ll be doing more than casting votes for politicians; they’ll be weighing in on Prop. 47, a ballot measure that proposes to lessen the penalties on certain felony crimes.

Prop. 47

Supporters say it’s a win-win for the state and the general public because it will improve public safety.

They also say it will help ease the burden at California jails and prisons, which have been struggling to deal with growing inmate populations without having the adequate bed space to hold them.

Another component of the ballot measure proposes Read more »

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Lawyers Express Concern Over High Bail Amounts

October 16, 2014

San Joaquin County Bail

It’s no great secret that San Joaquin bail amounts have been steadily climbing.

Not only is bail for some charges set far higher than in other parts of the state, local defense attorneys have started to express concern that the situation is getting out of hand.

Law scales on table in front black background. Symbol of justice

Many have said they feel the county bail schedule is downright unfair and it places an unfair burden on moderate and low income families.

Impossible to post bail?

In the state of California, the cost to hire a bondsman is 10% of the defendant’s total bail amount, but at the San Joaquin County Jail, in some cases, that Read more »

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What’s Next for Criminal Justice and Wearable Technology

September 12, 2014

Wearable technology for the wrist

Crime Prevention?

Wearable technology is hot right now: Google Glass, iWatch, iRing, Samsung Gear, fitbit… we want it all.

And so does the criminal justice system.

The idea of monitoring defendants, probationers or parolees with GPS devices has been around for years. Even with there problems, these devices help tabs on locations of people.

So what’s new:  possibly preventing crimes.

Statistics show that nearly 50 percent of the nation’s prosecuted gun violence incidents are committed by Read more »

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Lawsuit Against Riverside County Jails Starts To Escalate

September 8, 2014

Sources close to the Riverside County Jails say a recent lawsuit that was filed against the detention facilities for alleged “inhumane medical treatment” to inmates has officially reached class-action status.

A District Court Judge has found that the suit can extend beyond the initial seven plaintiffs and can include anyone who has ever been held in any of the Riverside jails.

Riverside county jail lawsuit presses on

A spokesperson from a prisoner rights group points out the litigation now encompasses the jail healthcare system as a whole;  Riverside’s problems just tot a heck of a lot bigger.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs say the problem has been systematic, ongoing and has been going on for years.

The lawsuit states that inmates’ constitutional rights were violated because Read more »

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Will The New Kern County Jail Be Too Expensive To Run?

September 2, 2014

Earlier this week, the County Board of Supervisors met to hammer out next year’s fiscal budget, which is believed to top out at more than $2 billion.

Although some residents are pushing for the supes to increase funding for things like libraries and education, other elected officials say that’s going to be a tough stretch, especially since the county just dropped $26 million to make sure the Read more »

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Keeping The Peace

August 29, 2014

What Do You Do When Approached By An Officer?

Officer At A Car STopHere we are, the official last weekend of summer. I don’t know about you, but I get overrun with all the “bad news” in the world.

Just this week, I posted about police militarization and the deadliest holidays on America’s roads.

Thankfully, yesterday I came across a positive thought from my friend and local criminal defense attorney Doug Ridley on what to do when you interact with a Peace Officer.

It’s easy to forget with all the bad news that old adage I remember learning in elementary school: An officer is your friend. These folks are not only human beings, but they are somebody’s parent, somebody’s kid and lots of people’s friends.

Here’s Mr. Ridley’s insights:

  • Do Not Appear Threatening – Believe it or not, Read more »

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