The World’s Largest Jail… Right Here in Los Angeles?

Written by Robin Sandoval-March on March 27, 2009 – 8:53 am -


Los Angeles is famous for all sorts of things, but the largest jails in the world? Yup, situated right across the street from one another and located right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles are The Twin Towers Jail and the Men’s Central Jail. These two massive facilities have the onerous ranking of being two of the world’s largest jails. Collectively, this downtown complex makes up the world’s largest jail facility.

The Twin Towers Correction Facility, aka, Twin Towers Jail is a goliath building Read more »

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Million Dollar Bail Bonds

Written by Tonya Rynerson on March 9, 2009 – 10:44 pm -

Real Property Bail BondsLarge Bail Amounts, Property Bonds & 1275 Hearings

After reading our Unscrupulous Bondsmen post, I had an email comment from a friend, Gary, complimenting us on the article. He also had this to say:

I am always curious who posts the big bonds $1mm – $10mm for the wealthy or notorious people that are of flight risk.  I guess Bernie Madoff posted his own bail for $10 mm (NY / Federal court lets you post property in lieu of cash ??).  


I assume that Unscrupulous + Bail = Madoff. Read more »

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Assault Charges Come In Different Forms

Written by Robin Sandoval-March on March 6, 2009 – 9:55 pm -

Even when you’re a celebrity…

When pop songstress Rihanna made her report of assault against R&B hit singer Chris Brown, it is very likely the police took quick measures to capture all the details of her complaint. In this case, Chris Brown was charged on February 8th, 2009 with two felonies of assault in connection to the altercation with Rihanna. The assault is being based on his “creating great bodily injury and criminal threats to her.” Most people are unaware that such threats as “I’m going to kill you,” even when they are not acted upon, are a serious crime. In this case, it appears that there were more than just words exchanged between the couple, but the words alone are enough to bring charges.

According to police search warrant information Read more »

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Orange County Inmates Coerced to use Bondsmen

Written by Tonya Rynerson on March 6, 2009 – 11:58 am -

Orange County JailSome Orange County jail inmates are convincing others to contact certain bondsmen and receiving financial benefit in return… That’s the claim being made by Orange County three bail bondsmen who have filed a claim against the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Richard P. Herman, attorney for the bail agents indicates that former Sheriff Michael S. Carona allowed former Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo to initiate a scheme whereby inmates steer arrestees to certain bail bond companies in returen for a kick-back.

Such allegations are not new in the bail industry. Read more »

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Bail Bondsman vs. Bounty Hunter: What’s the difference?

Written by Robin Sandoval-March on March 4, 2009 – 6:23 am -

A Bounty Hunter and a Bail Agent Are the Same, Right?

Tonya Rynerson and Zeke Unger

You may have heard the term Bail Agent, or have seen the bright neon signs across the street from any city jail. Perhaps you’ve heard of a Fugitive Recovery Person like “Dog the Bounty Hunter” on television? Before I explain what they do, it’s important to know that these two job titles encompass very different duties.

Pictured: Bondsman Tonya Rynerson with Bounty Hunter Zeke Unger

Although Bail Agents, more commonly called a Bondsmen, and Fugitive Recovery Agents work very closely together at times, and are often confused as being one and the same. But by definition, they are very different indeed. In California, you must be licensed and trained specifically for the job of Bail Agent and as such, you can pick up your own “skips” or those who fail to appear in court. So let’s talk a about their big differences in their jobs: Read more »

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