Over 1000 DUI Arrests in Los Angeles Christmas Week

Written by 888BailBond Bondsman on December 29, 2009 – 7:59 am -

Ah… the holidays.  A joyous time for overindulging in every sort of way.  Evidently, in Los Angeles, more than 1,000 people must have partied too much, because this is the staggering number of arrests made for driving under the influence during a week long crackdown campaign by the CHP that lasted right on through to Christmas Day. This law enforcement coalition, known as AVOID, has announced that no less than 1,030 DUI arrests were made as compared to 969 during the same period last year.

This year, the California Highway Patrol was especially busy on Read more »

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Inside The Maguire Jail

Written by Tonya Rynerson on December 27, 2009 – 1:21 pm -

San Mateo County Jail


Ever wonder about the inner workings of California’s  jails?

We take an in-depth look at the San Mateo County Jail in Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds latest article “Inside the Maguire Correctional Facility“.

In this informative article, you’ll learn:

  • Why the Jail is named Maguire
  • Statistics and Mission of the jail
  • The Security System and Cell setup at the jail
  • Inmate processing from Arrival and Search through Finger Printing, Inmate Classification and Housing
  • Special programs at Maguire including Mental & Physical health, Alcoholics Anonymous and Educational Opportunities

Although this article Read more »

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Orange County Jail Charged With Illegal Bail Scams

Written by Greg Rynerson on December 22, 2009 – 8:42 pm -

Orange County JailIt’s called capping — and it’s occurring at the Orange County Jail with alarming frequency.  Capping is the practice of one inmate getting kickbacks from a shady bail bond company once he signs up fellow inmates to use their services.

Here’s how it works:  The inmate connected to the bail bond company offers to make three-way calls for other inmates willing to use their services.  Anyone who isn’t interested is intimidated until he changes his mind.  As reported by the Orange County Register, no less than eight witnesses, all of them arrestees at the jail, recently testified about this illegal practice to both the OC Sheriff’s department and the OC Bail Agents Association.

Each witness was interviewed by private investigator Bill Hunt, a former Sheriff’s Lieutenant currently running for Orange County Sheriff.  Hunt’s subsequent report alleges that some prisoners have bullied others regarding the company they should use for posting their bail.  Hunt also discovered that someone who had access to booking information was passing telephone numbers on to these same bail companies, who then in turn called the prisoners’ family members to pay up.

One woman, Read more »

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Drug Sweep in East Oakland Leads to Several Arrests

Written by Robin Sandoval-March on December 22, 2009 – 3:58 pm -

OAKLAND, CA — 126 people have been issued felony arrest warrants which have lead to the recovery of over 12 pounds of cocaine, two pounds of methamphetamine, two pounds of marijuana and seven firearms. The drug sweep began early Monday.

The goal was to clean up the street-level drug dealers and keep the narcotics off the streets. Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts said ultimately, officials will aim for the “big fish,” but first have to identify any key players. Batts  also stated, “I’ve asked the Oakland PD to focus on drugs, guns and gangs in order to save lives.”

On Monday, 120 police officers went in search for 101 known and wanted dealers. The results Read more »

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Santa Clara County & Elmwood Jail Designer and Respected Sheriff’s Captain Passes On

Written by 888BailBond Bondsman on December 22, 2009 – 10:01 am -

Captain Melvin Riley, 83, who worked for the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department and spent nearly thirty years in law enforcement before retiring in 1978, died last Wednesday after a long illness.  Family, friends and colleagues held a memorial service in his honor at the Foothill Presbyterian Church in San Jose.

Captain Riley was a local hero who demonstrated time and again how much he cared for those who were down on their luck.  He created both a work furlough program and a chaplaincy program for county inmates.  He also played a large role in establishing Friends Outside, another county program started in 1955 to aid prisoners’ families.

Melvin Riley was born in Salem Ore., but grew up in Bakersfield.  He attended San Jose State University.  Riley served his country twice — first in the Army Corps of Engineers during World War II, and later, as an MP during the Korean War.  He eventually moved to Elmwood, where he spent nine years on the “Farm.”  This was his nickname for the Elmwood Jail, which offered an agricultural rehabilitation program for inmates.  Riley helped design Read more »

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San Jose Police Department Testing Head Mounted Cameras

Written by Robin Sandoval-March on December 21, 2009 – 7:27 pm -

SAN JOSE, CA. — In what is said to be  a ground breaking decision,  San Jose Police are now being outfitted with bluetooth cell phone earpieces and head-mounted cameras. This new device will record their interactions with the public and perhaps, quell the steam which has been brought about by recent complaints regarding the SJPD using excessive force.

Chief Rob Davis stated the small camera will be tested  Read more »

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La Jolla “Bird Rock Gang” In San Diego Jail

Written by Robin Sandoval-March on December 20, 2009 – 8:25 am -

After pleading guilty to the involuntary manslaughter death of  professional La Jolla surfer, Emery Kauanui Jr., —   Orlando Wright, Matthew Yanke and Eric House,  were arrested  at a probation office and are now back in jail being held without bail.

Kauanui, 24 died in May of 2007 just four days after a fight in front of his mother’s home in La Jolla. Authorities stated the pro surfer fell after being punched, fatally hitting his head during the scuffle.

Prosecutors argued the group were a part of a gang called the Bird Rock Bandits, who were located at La Jolla’s southern end and bullied people who lived among the Bird Rock community.

At the sentencing, Read more »

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Hip-Hop Choreographer Shane Sparks Arrested in Van Nuys

Written by 888BailBond Bondsman on December 20, 2009 – 8:17 am -

LAPD Van Nuys Community Police StationThe 40-year-old Sparks was arrested by detectives from the Van Nuys Division on a felony warrant and several counts. Sparks was booked into the Van Nuys jail on a $590,000 bail. The popular TV show dance judge has been the subject of an ongoing investigation. The Los Angeles Police Department is seeking more victims and further information about the case from the public.

Melvin Shane Sparks, the highly lauded choreographer Read more »

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Garner Stalker Arrested in Santa Monica

Written by 888BailBond Bondsman on December 17, 2009 – 7:00 am -

Jennifer GarnerSANTA MONICA – Steven Burky, a potentially dangerous celebrity stalker, was arrested this Monday by Santa Monica police at the nursery school attended by Violet Affleck, one of actress Jennifer Garner’s two daughters with actor-husband Ben Affleck.  Burky allegedly violated a restraining order taken out by the former TV-star-turned-big-screen leading lady.  He is currently being held on $150,000 bail at the Santa Monica Jail.

Garner was granted her restraining order, which prevents Burky from coming within 100 yeards of her and her family, in November 2008.  Back then, she testified in court that she believed he posed a threat to her and that he had been stalking her since 2002.

Garner said he sent Read more »

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Quaid Failure to Appear Leads to Bail Forfeiture

Written by 888BailBond Bondsman on December 17, 2009 – 6:49 am -

Actor Randi Quaid and his wife, Evi, don’t seem to be very good at math.  Last summer, the Quaids were accused of not paying the bill for their stay at the exclusive San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif.  The couple allegedly tried to  use an invalid credit card to pay, then argued with the concierge and stormed off after their card was refused.  The hotel bill cost them $10,000.

But that hotel bill was nothing compared to what reportedly happened next.  Since the law-challenged couple failed to appear at a December 15 scheduled hearing in California, the judge immediately deemed them felony fugitives.  “The court forfeited the bail bonds that had been posted and issued new warrants for $40,000 each,” Lee Carter of the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office said.  “If the [bail bondsman] wants  his money, Read more »

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