Being drunk and driving is never a good thing. But being drunk and driving your Mercedes directly through the gates of a jail, well that’s down right ridiculous.

Calling on one, Matthew Van McDaniel. This young man from Los Alamitos actually did such a thing. On January 10th, he lost control and crashed his S550 directly through the gates of the James Musick Correctional Facility in Irvine. When a deputy there tried to restrain him, he actually punched the man breaking his nose.

Jim Armormino, a Sheriff’s spokesperson claimed it was “the first time somebody tried to break into the jail.”

Now, Mr. McDaniel is having to pay a big price for his mistakes. He pleaded guilty to his charges and has received 9 years in a state prison.  The Orange County D.A.’s office stated that his charges are for driving recklessly while DUI and assaulting a peace officer.

He was also charged for being an ex-convict and entering the grounds of a correctional facility. Seems he had a prior arrest 2003 for assault with a deadly weapon.

McDaniel’s attorney, Anthony Zinnati worked out a plea deal for his client, claiming “my client realizes he has had some issues he needs to address… he looks forward to a period of self-reflection.”

Seems Matthew Van McDaniel will have just about 9 years of time to reflect.

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