SANTA CRUZ, CA – A female fugitive from Missouri is possibly on the run in Santa Cruz according to her bail bonds company. The Santa Cruz police received a large packet pertaining to the fugitive, Willow “Trudy” Holland who is suspected to be using homeless shelters and churches offering free meals as a hiding place.

According to her bail bondswoman, Lisa Henneberry in Missouri, she jumped bail last March and has since been on the run. Henneberry conveyed that Holland is dangerous.

Zach Friend, a Santa Cruz police spokesman, said it’s very rare that an out-of-state fugitive with a rap sheet like Holland’s would ever be searched for. Holland has had several traffic violations, and a theft charge, but no indications or record of a violent crime. This is the case with many fugitives and what makes bail bondsmen so valuable to the community as a whole.

Holland is 5’7, 125 pounds, brown eyes and brown hair. She also goes by different aliases such as Gonzalez and Trevino. She may be seen wearing glasses, and has a tattoo on both her right and left arm.

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