Budget Cuts and Hiring Freeze Causes LAPD to Use “Tactical Alert” All-Hands-On-Deck

Written by 888BailBond Bondsman on February 1, 2011 – 1:25 pm -

Last week, the Los Angeles Police Department was put on a “Tactical Alert” or “All-Hands-On-Deck” protocol for its Central and South jurisdictions.

To call on a “tactical alert” means that no police officers can go home and all need to remain on duty because something serious is happening. It also entails that low priority calls, less severe circumstances, are not being attended to.

However, this week when the LAPD was put on this warning, it wasn’t because of a serious incident. It was because there weren’t enough police officers to handle both on-street patrol and in-house calling.

Celeste Fremon, at Witness L.A., reported that the tactical alert was due to a “radio call load.”

The current state of the LAPD was Read more »

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