Occupy LA Protestors Need Bail Bonds

Written by Tonya Rynerson on November 30, 2011 – 10:24 am -

I didn’t need to see the morning news to find out that the LAPD cleared out the Los Angeles Occupy site. Instead, we were answering calls from family looking to post bail bonds for the protesters.

Apparently, more than 200 Occupy Los Angeles protestors were arrested early this morning in what the Los Angeles Police Department calls a “peaceful sweep”. LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck addressed the media shortly after the disbandment of the camp, saying that the arrests were “mainly peaceful”.

Arrestees were loaded onto buses and taken to the LAPD Metro Jail to be booked and processed.  Bail for those that called us was set at $5,000. The jailer at the downtown LA Metropolitan Center Jail told us that protestors would not be released on their own recognizance or “cited out” as protesters usually are. We are somewhat skeptical of that given the already overcrowded Los Angeles jail systems. However, each individual will certainly be screened for warrants on a nation-wide basis. So with so many individuals to book in, any release, be it on bail or otherwise will be hours away.

According to  the Los Angeles Times, several hundred police officers arrived at the camp just after midnight and surrounded the encampment and declared it to be an “unlawful assembly”. Occupiers were told Read more »

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17 Arrested In Vista Jail Warrant Sweep

Written by Bail Expert on November 30, 2011 – 6:03 am -

Vista Detention FacilitySan Diego County Sheriffs officials have been conducting a number of warrant sweeps in recent weeks.  The most recent sweep took place last week in Vista, in which 17 were arrested and taken to the Vista Detention Center Jail.

KUSI 10-News has reported that the sweep took place on Black Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and took place as part of the Department’s “Holiday Watch” program.   According to a statement put out by the Sheriff’s Department, the warrant sweep was coupled with a command post at the Walmart shopping center.    During that time Deputies and Senior Volunteer Patrol (SVP) members conducted direct patrols on foot, bikes as well as in marked and unmarked cars.

The command post, say Sheriffs officials, was supported with a public information campaign, as well as on-site Crime Prevention Specialists who spoke to people about what they could do to avoid becoming victimized during the holiday shopping season.

Vista Station Lt. Charles Cinnamo said the purpose of the Holiday Watch program is to Read more »

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Lockdown Placed On Riverside County Indio Jail

Written by Bail Expert on November 29, 2011 – 6:03 am -

KESQ.com has reported that the Riverside County Indio Jail was placed on lockdown last week for misplaced equipment.  Representatives from the jail declined to comment as to the nature of the temporarily missing equipment.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Ed Reynoso said the lockdown began at 10 a.m. and lasted until approximately 10:45 a.m.  The jail continued to accept bookings once the lockdown was lifted.

The Indio jail serves the Coachella Valley and is run by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.  Constructed in 1959, the facility represents approximately 9% of the county’s Read more »

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Bail Bonds: Fact Fiction and Lore Part II

Written by Bail Expert on November 25, 2011 – 12:49 pm -

If you have never needed to secure bail, there are likely a number of points regarding the when, where, and how of bail bonds that remain fuzzy.   If you are actively seeking out the assistance of a California bail bondsman, you might wonder if the money you post to get your friend out of jail will be returned to you at the close of the case.  In this edition of Bail Bonds: Fact or Fiction, we address that question directly.

Fact or Fiction:  You get your money back from the bail bondsman when the case is over.

Fiction.  This misconception goes right to the heart of What Is A Bail Bond or How is Bail Different from Bail Bonds?

Simply put, bail is a security that’s paid to the court which allows a defendant to be released from jail while awaiting his or her trial date.  If a person’s bail has been set at $5,000 and a friend or family member chooses to post that amount in full with the jail or court using cash or cashier’s check, that’s certainly an option.  The court will then hold onto that money and, if a defendant fulfills all their legal and financial obligations pertaining to the case; the money will be returned to the individual who posted it when the case concludes. That process can, however, take several months or even years to resolve.  If the defendant “fails to appear” for any mandated court proceedings, the bail will be considered forfeited, meaning the court keeps the money, and a bench warrant will be issued for his or her immediate arrest.

This brings us to Bail Bonds: If you instead choose Read more »

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Los Angeles Holiday Shoppers Urged To Lock Vehicles, Hide Valuables

Written by Bail Expert on November 25, 2011 – 7:40 am -

With the official kick off of the holiday shopping season just a day away, members of the Los Angeles Police Department are urging shoppers to exercise care so as to avoid becoming victims of theft.

Simple things, they say, such as remembering to lock vehicle doors and storing packages in the trunk can go a long way.  Persons who leave packages and gifts in plain sight have a higher likelihood of having their cars broken into and their items stolen.

The message being relayed is relatively simple:
Lock It: Lock your vehicle every time you leave it unattended and always lock your valuables in the trunk.
Hide It: If you don’t have a trunk, hide valuables under the seats, in the glove box, or other compartments within the   vehicle.
Keep It: Personal responsibility is the best prevention to safeguard personal property and to prevent becoming a victim

CBS Los Angeles has reported that owners of American-made sport utility vehicles should Read more »

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Written by Tonya Rynerson on November 24, 2011 – 4:36 am -

Our blog posts usually revolve around bail bonds information, but we are taking a break from business to share some thoughts from the heart.  Please accept a humble thank you for your readership, friendship and business this Holiday Season. We wish you and yours a peaceful and joyous Thanksgiving!

This year, we are very grateful for the the success of our business. We are grateful for people like you who have supported us with well wishes and referrals. We are grateful to our wonderful staff and the many bail and law industry professionals that we work with every day. We are grateful for our family. We are grateful for our friends. 

Finally, we are grateful to be making a difference in people’s lives by providing bail. There are very few people who can say that they enjoy what they do and can see first hand the great impact that their work has on their clients, their families and their community. We can truly say that we like what we do and we love that it helps others. For that, we are truly grateful.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Please be careful out there and have a safe holiday season; and remember that we are just a phone call away if you need us.

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38 Arrests Made In Lemon Grove Sweep

Written by Bail Expert on November 23, 2011 – 9:06 am -

The “Operation Clean Streets” warrant sweep led to a whopping 38 arrests in Lemon Grove last weekend.

Lemon Grove Patch has reported that members of the Sheriff’s Department, the San Diego Fugitive Task Force, the Court Services Bureau-Field Unit worked jointly to apprehend suspects.   Those taken into custody, they said, had both misdemeanor and felony warrants.

Sheriff Sgt. James Blanton said that the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department had stepped up its efforts in the past year to bring those with warrants into custody.  That effort, he said, can be expected to continue.

People who have outstanding warrants are encouraged to Read more »

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LA District Attorney Says He Will Prosecute Criminals Back To Prison

Written by Bail Expert on November 22, 2011 – 9:04 am -

LA Weekly Crime blogger Dennis Romero Monday reported that LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley is extremely unhappy with California’s prison realignment program.

Because the program gives County Sheriffs, such as LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, the authority release incarcerates to home detention or release them early, Romero believes the best solution is to prosecute, prosecute prosecute. A big part of his plan is to ensure that defendants are charged with the most serious charges allowed to ensure that as many offenders as possible will serve their sentences in state prisons.

Some believe this strategy will Read more »

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California County Jails Fast Approaching Capacity Under Realignment

Written by Bail Expert on November 21, 2011 – 2:39 pm -

County officials throughout the state are voicing concern that their jails may soon reach capacity. Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and Kern County are all in dire situations.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that approximately 30,000 inmates being housed at state facilities would need to be transferred to county prisons as a means of reducing overcrowding, reports NBC Los Angeles.  Last it was reported that Los Angeles County Jails could run out of room before the close of the year.  Riverside County has reported that they too are quickly running out of bed space and that county jails could reach capacity by January. At current, the Riverside County Jail is at 93% capacity.

Orange County Assistant Sheriff Mike James said that Read more »

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Inside The Burbank Jail

Written by Bail Expert on November 21, 2011 – 9:04 am -

Renovations at the Burbank Jail are nearly complete.

Our Inside California Jails Series Continues…

The renovations being made at the Burbank Police Department, Jail and Fire Headquarters are fast approaching completion. This is good news for Burbank law enforcement officials, who have been forced to transport arrestees to the Glendale Jail for booking due to the construction.  The estimated $9.5 million project is scheduled to be complete in March 2012 and includes upgraded concrete flooring as well as reinstillation of jail security measures such as electronic-locks and doors.

Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds continues with our eleventh series in our California Jails: Inside the Burbank Jail.

Here, we’ll fill you in on:

  • Reasons The Renovations Were Needed
  • Where The Funding Came From
  • The Lawsuit That Started It All

Is there a jail you’d like to learn more about ? Let us know- we’ll get you “inside” (or, if you need, we’ll get you out!).

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