LA Weekly Crime blogger Dennis Romero Monday reported that LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley is extremely unhappy with California’s prison realignment program.

Because the program gives County Sheriffs, such as LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, the authority release incarcerates to home detention or release them early, Romero believes the best solution is to prosecute, prosecute prosecute. A big part of his plan is to ensure that defendants are charged with the most serious charges allowed to ensure that as many offenders as possible will serve their sentences in state prisons.

Some believe this strategy will negate the realignment process altogether. A better strategy, they feel is to focus on rehabilitation.

Still, Cooley said he intends to instruct his prosecutors to throw the heaviest of books at defendants, leaving no stone unturned in their prosecution strategies.  At current, the Los Angeles County DA’s office is also taking the idea of training other jurisdictions how to “get the most out of sentencing” under advisement.

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  1. bail bonds las vegas
    November 23, 2011 at 8:27 am

    I can see the frustration for sure. Sometimes it’s hard to convict someone of a serious crime, and then finally when they do and get a stiff but fair sentence, someone can just let them out? Somethings got to be done probably on the drug-offense front because we have WAY too many people doing time for non-violent drug crimes. I know at the mid to upper levels there is violence in the drug racket for sure, but we just need to look back to the prohibition era to see that making something illegal often sets up bad consequences.

    • Tonya Rynerson
      November 23, 2011 at 11:21 am

      Well, this California jail realignment is a huge mess. We are going to end up with lots of ORs because they have to house these convicted inmates. It’s really an unsafe situation.

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