George Clooney Bails Himself Out Of Jail

March 23, 2012

George Clooney bailed out of a Washington D.C. jail for $100. He and his father, Nick, were arrested during a protest regarding a crisis-situation in Sudan.  The pair, along with 13 others, were hauled away from the Sudanese embassy by members of the U.S. Secret Service.  U.S. Rep. Jim Morgan (D-VA) and NAACP President Ben Jealous were also among those arrested.

A number of reporters asked Clooney what it felt like to be behind bars.  Clooney told The Hollywood Gossip that the intent of the protest was to bring attention to an ongoing emergency, and that although there have been some great strides, a clock s still ticking and there is “an awful lot that is still going on”.

The 50 year-old-actor admitted that when he was permitted the opportunity to make a phone call, he did not dial his girlfriend’s number.  Instead, he said, he called his mom.  He later joked to reporters that “Some things never change”.

Lucky for Clooney, he was not taken to a larger county jail, such as the Los Angeles-based Twin Towers Jail, to be booked and processed, as inmate intake times at larger facilities oftentimes take much longer.

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One Comment to “George Clooney Bails Himself Out Of Jail”

  1. Jeff Downer Bail Bondsman Says:

    I can just hear that phone call: “Mom! You’ll never guess what Dad just did.”

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