Bail bonds industry leaders from throughout the United States have come together to challenge two recent white papers that have been published by the Justice Policy Institute (JPI).    The  American Bail Coalition (ABC) is reportedly quite unhappy with the content and believes the JPI’s declaration of war on the bail bonds industry is in essence, declaring a war on public safety.

The ABC feels the JPI’s stark white paper criticism of the bail industry is not based in fact, but on opinions and ideology.   A spokesperson for the American Bail Coalition also points out that the right to bail is protected under the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution.  The industry, he said, has been around for more than 250 years, and the reason it’s survived that long is because it works.   This is largely tied to the fact that the person who cosigns the bail bonds contract is taking personal and financial responsibility the defendant will appear in court.   Skip rates are lower for people out on bond, and there is volumes of research and evidence to support that claim.

The JPI, though, continues to advocate “unsecured release”, which statistically, underperformed the bail industry when it comes to getting defendants to appear for court dates.   Bail bonds professionals feel that if the JPI is successful in steering the criminal justice in that direction, public safety could ultimately be at risk.


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