A Northern Virgina gun activist has been arrested and charged with possessing a firearm while in possession of schedule I or II drugs.  The man in question, Adam Kokesh is a former Marine and outspoken Second Amendment advocate.

Kokesh was taken into custody at his home after posting a video to YouTube.  The video shows him loading a firearm while standing in the middle of a Washington D.C. park.

Adam Kokesh arrested

The video was filmed at Freedom Plaza on the 4th of July. Freedom Plaza is located just a short distance from the White House.

The short is titled “Open Carry March on DC is a Success”.  The 23-second film features Kokesch, his gun and a pre-scripted monologue.  The defendant states that the masses will not be silent, they will not obey and they will not allow the government to destroy their humanity.

He describes his group and/or followers as being the final American Revolution.  The segment is concluded with him indicating that advocates will “see you next year on Independence Day”.

Law enforcement officials said that loading a shotgun in a public place violates the district’s gun laws.  Washington D.C. law prohibits persons from carrying a loaded weapon within its borders.  It does not matter if that weapon is concealed or not concealed.  Police have further indicated that anyone who is found to be carrying a firearm that has not been locally registered could be sentenced to a one year prison term.

Kokesh was reportedly hoping to initiate a march of more than 1,000 participants carrying loaded guns.  Those plans quickly fell apart after D.C. police announced they would actively enforce the prohibition of carrying loaded weapons law.  It appears as if the defendant is the only person who ignored the warning.

Law enforcement officials quickly obtained a search warrant.  The warrant was executed at Kokesh’s home on Tuesday night.  A website operated by the defendant put out a news release the following morning.  The author indicated that a group of SWAT team members, plain clothes officers and detectives entered the home.

The five other inhabitants of the dwelling have alleged that law enforcement was volatile and aggressive.  They further indicated that cell phones and other personal items were taken in a forceful manner. The event has been described as an armed invasion in which their front door was kicked down. A flash bang grenade was then supposedly thrown into the entryway.

Kokesh was handcuffed, read his Miranda Rights and transported to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center.  Jail records indicate he is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday morning.

The roommates have said they were anticipating the home would be raided.  It is unclear whether the video was posted in order to taunt government officials.   A court official has indicated the defendant has been uncooperative.  He would lot allow himself to be fingerprinted, she said, and attempts to arraign him on Wednesday morning were not successful.  He has also refused to speak with officials of the court.

Prosecutors may need to obtain a court order that would compel the defendant to be arraigned if he continues to be combative.

Kokesh could face up to 12 years in prison and a $2,500 fine if convicted.

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