The next round of PBUS elections will take place at the upcoming winter conference.  But those interested in tossing their hat into the consideration ring will need to follow a few guidelines.

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First, anyone who wants to run for office will need to be a member in good standing (aka, your dues are paid in full) and they must have been a voting member of PBUS for at least 24 months.  The would-be candidate must also hold a valid bail license- and be permitted to negotiate, transact and post bail bonds in their home state.

Those wanting to have their name printed on the ballot must have their nomination information to Linda Brasswell ( before Feb. 11.  Nominations can still be made from the floor at the Monday morning membership meeting.

If you’re looking to vote, your dues will need to be up to date.  New PBUS members who join the organization at the convention and non-voting members who are interested in upgrading their membership will need to present a valid bail license.  If your license has lapsed or expired, you will not be permitted to vote.

Would-be voters will need to be present at the election in order for their vote to be tallied.  Write in candidates are not permitted (unless their from-the-floor nomination is valid).  For more information on the PBUS annual conference be sure to check out their website.


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