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The soon-to-be-built Indio Jail will focus on education, rehabilitation

There’s been a lot of talk about what lies ahead for Riverside County’s newest corrections facility.  Although there will be several key modifications from the others, such as a video-only visitation policy between inmates, their friends and family members, another big difference revolves on rehabilitation.

Having extra bed space is good, according to county officials, but finding ways to keep inmates from reoffending (and winding back up in the system)- is even better.

The expanded Indio Jail will have a number of programs and and educational opportunities that are geared toward accomplishing that goal.

And while some detention centers offer little in the way of helping inmates advance life skills, the newest Riverside County Jail is hopeful that if their model is successful, others may follow their lead.

Today, Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds continues with our seventeenth series in our California Jails: Inside the Expanded Riverside County Jail.

Here, we fill you in on:

  • The types of programs that will be offered
  • The types of goals jailers have in mind
  • When the expansion is set to be complete and
  • How much the finished jail is expected to cost

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