Tarzan Arrested For The Second Time In A Week

In case you missed the initial story, Santa Ana Police last week confirmed they detained a transient man who was found swinging from trees at the city’s zoo while claiming to be Tarzan.

The 37 year-old suspect was allegedly trying to get into some of the animal exhibits– when authorities arrived a zookeeper said he’d spotted the man covered in mud and climbing in the foliage. Tarzan made a run for it before police showed up but they did manage to track him down and arrest him a short time later.

On Wednesday, MyNewsLa.com reported the man is once again back in custody (whether he was charged in the initial incident, cited out or released on bail bonds is anyone’s guess.)   This time around he’s accused of stealing a cell phone from an art gallery and holding up a gas station.

During the robbery, which took place in April, witnesses said he threatened to pull a gun unless the clerk turned over her cash.    The suspect got away, but DNA evidence that was collected from a cigarette butt he left at the scene helped make a positive ID.

Jailers say the suspect has multiple convictions for theft crimes and he could face more than 45 years in prison if he’s convicted on the current charges.

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