Vandalism suspect taunts police on social media, gets arrested

Criminals do the darnedest things. A few weeks ago a DUI suspect posted a Snapchat photo of him posed alongside the police officer who was doing his sobriety investigation.

Last year, a fugitive who was wanted on federal fraud charges sent out a Tweet that challenged authorities to “catch me if you can.” She was arrested by the US Marshal Service in Mexico less than a week later.

This week’s criminal social media blunder, however, took place on the East coast.

A 20 year-old woman was called into police headquarters after she’d been fingered as a suspect in a first degree criminal mischief case. According to a report by, the victims of the crime felt the woman may have keyed the car of her ex-boyfriend and a current friend.

Their tires had also been slashed, according to police reports, and a derogative word had been carved into the female victim’s car paint (although officers said it was misspelled.)

Her ex-boyfriend told police he then started receiving harassing texts that eluded to the fact that his former girlfriend may have been responsible. Suffice to say, police called her in for questioning.

She wasn’t exactly cooperative, they said, and she seemed so smug in the fact that she’d get away with her crime, that she posted a Snapchat photo of her leaving the building with the caption “Stamford police have nothing on me.”

What she didn’t realize, is that police had plenty.

She was arrested and has since been released on $10,000 bail bonds.

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