Burglar spotted wearing stolen sweatshirt in mugshot

A Connecticut man is once again in hot water after a 2014 burglary victim saw him wearing a sweatshirt that had been stolen from his home.  Where did he spot it, you ask?

In a mug shot that was posted for the now-defendant online, when he was arrested for a different crime.  According to a report by the Smoking Gun, law enforcement stopped investigating last year’s burglary due to a lack of leads.

A spokesperson for the police department told media sources that 30 year-old Derek Benson was arrested late last year and was charged with a string of burglaries; his mugshot clearly shows him wearing a Coco Libre sweatshirt, which victim #1 said had been taken when his home was broken into.   The victim actually works for that company, officers said, and he recognized it the moment he saw it.

Suffice to say he called the police to pass along the tip.  A subsequent investigation ensued and officers were able to tie Benson to that crime.  He’s currently being held in county jail on numerous felony charges.  His bail bonds have been set at $125,000

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