Man assaults woman with brisket, gets arrested

A Kentucky man found himself in hot water earlier this week after he threw a hot brisket at a woman who was participating in a Kentucky-based barbecue festival.

Part of the festivities included a cook out, according to police reports, and as anyone who has seen the primetime cooking reality television shows can tell you, things can get a bit heated when the temperature starts to rise in the kitchen.

We’re still not sure how the dispute began, but what is known is that it ended with the victim being hit in the neck and shoulder with a slab of very, very hot brisket.  It’s believed the meat was heated to a temperature between 200 and 250 degrees before it was thrown.

The now-defendant said he really didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt, the saucy comments caused him to lose his temper.   Police said they arrested the 42 year-old man on the spot.  The Huffington Post reports he currently faces one charge of wanton endangerment.

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