Calling 911 to report your dealer shorted your drugs will get you arrested

Keep Bailing has done so many stories about people abusing the 911 system, and getting thrown in jail because of it, you would think that they would start to wise up.

For example, earlier this year a Pennsylvania man found himself in hot water with the authorities after he called 911 to report his air conditioner had broken. We also told you about the Tennessee man who got arrested after calling 911 to report he’d run out of beer.

This week, according to the Huffington Post, a Florida woman called the authorities after her pot dealer didn’t provide her as much marijuana as she felt she was due. She paid $75 for the bag, she told police, and she was outraged over being shorted.

The caller demanded police do something about it.

Well, the police did do something about it. They sent out a squad car and when the officers arrived, she pointed to a house and said the drug dealer who shortchanged her was hanging out inside.

The police, however, cuffed her and took her to jail for abusing the 911 system. She was also booked on drug possession charges after they found her pot.

She’s since been released on $3,000 bail bonds. Police said they didn’t arrest her dealer due to lack of evidence.


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