How not to get away with a crime

Most criminals want to do their best to avoid getting caught.  Some will outfit themselves with elaborate disguises; others will try to set up an alibi.  Megan Ohara and David Ziskowski, however, took “what not to do when you’re committing a crime” to a whole new level.

The pair walked into a jewelry exhibit at a local gallery and proceeded to steal roughly $6,000 worth of jewelry.  The jewelry artist was able to get a good look at them, according to a report by the Sun Sentinel, and was able to provide police with a description of both the thieves and the pieces that were stolen.

Police started to canvass the area and were able to spot the thieving duo pretty quick.  Ohara admitted having the bracelet and ring in her purse and she and her accomplice were arrested.   But that’s not the “we can’t believe they did this” part of the story.

When the duo first arrived at the gallery, they signed in on the guest list. In addition to using Ohara’s first name, another entry included her phone number, next to a fake email of “wedidn’”

Had the pair not been immediately captured by police, it’s safe to say they would have been picked up much sooner than later.

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