Ohio man calls 911 because he’s stoned, it gets better

Last week, Keep Bailing put up a Fun Friday post about a woman who’d called 911 to report her drug dealer had shorter her. Suffice to say that didn’t end well.

And while we intended to take this week’s post in a different direction, yesterday we came across two more 911-blunder news stories that we simply had to share.

Police in Ohio said that when they responded to the home of a 911 distress caller, they found the man in the fetal position and surrounded by snacks. The 22 year-old caller was really high, according to a report by CBS News, and he called police to report he was way too stoned.

In addition to the cookies, Doritos and Goldfish crackers, officers found a glass marijuana pipe and a jar full of pot. Charges have not been filed as of yet, they said.

This call, however, was far different from one placed by a man in Florida, who called 911 dispatch after his girlfriend refused to have sex with him.  The 53 year-old man told police he’d been tossing back adult beverages all day and had been looking forward to an intimate night with his better half.

According to a report by the Huffington post, when the woman declined, he decided to settle the matter by calling the authorities. Officers said they found him sitting outside with yet another alcoholic beverage in hard. The now-defendant wasn’t charged with abusing the 911 system, police said, but he was taken into custody on public intoxication charges.

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