How Can I Find Out If My Friend Has Been Arrested?

Q. A bunch of us were out at a bachelor party last night and we wound up losing someone. He’s not answering his phone and all the calls are going straight to voicemail. We’re starting to worry that he may have been arrested. How can we find out if he’s in jail?

A. The first thing you’ll need is the correct spelling of your friend’s first and last name (If you can’t quite figure that out a bondsman may be able to look him up using just the first few letters of their first and last name.) You’ll also need to be able to provide the bail bonds agent the general area (or county) where you think your friend may have gotten into trouble. The good news is that if you work with a bondsman they’ll be able to help you look all of this up in a matter of minutes; calling a bondsman will be a lot faster than trying to call all the jails on your own.

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