How Many Cosigners Do We Need To Post A Friend’s $100,000 Bail Bonds?

Q: Our niece was arrested last night and the jail told us her bail has been set at $100,000. We obviously want to get her out as fast as possible. How many cosigners do we need in order to hire a California bondsman?

A.  This generally depends on the company you work with, because it’s more about the quality of the cosigner than the volume of cosigners.  For example, if there is someone in the family that has good credit, owns their home and they have $100,000 worth of equity in that home, they may be able to sign on their own. If you have a few family members who have good credit, but no one owns property, the bondsman may ask if a few people can cosign. Every situation is a little bit different and each defendant’s case is a little bit different, so it’s hard to give a cut-and-dry answer to your question. When you contact a local bondsman they’ll be able to better evaluate your individual situation.

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