If I Put Up Collateral Do I Still Need To Pay Bail Bonds Fees?

Q. My roommate was arrested last night on domestic violence charges. When he called from the jail he said his bail bonds have been set at $25,000. I own my house outright. If I work with a bail bonds company and offer to put up my property, will I still need to pay any bail bonds fees?

A.  Putting up collateral does not mean you’re exempt from paying bail bonds fees. In the state of California, the cost to purchase bail bonds is 10%, so in this case, your fee to hire a bondsman would be $2,500. You should also know that most bail bonds companies will not require property collateral on bail bonds of this size.  Property bonds (a bail bond where you put up property directly with the court) are a type of federal bail bond, and while that type of bail bond may be an option on certain types of federal cases, they are not generally on cases that involve state, criminal matters.

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