Jesus Take The Wheel!

Driver closes eyes to pray, crashes car into the side of a house… true story!

This is one way to rack up a property damage charge.

A 28-year-old Florida woman found herself in a pile of trouble after she ran a stop sign, closed her eyes to pray, and then crashed her car into the side of a house.

Yes, this really happened.  Police in Okaloosa County say the woman, whose name has not been released, needed to be taken to a hospital to be evaluated.  No one in the home was injured, authorities said, and it’s still not entirely clear as to what caused her to miss the stop sign (they are big and red, after all).

The woman was cited for property damage and reckless endangerment.  Police say they have no idea how long she was praying for (and it’s not entirely clear why she didn’t look both ways and maybe hit the brakes). What we can say, is closing your eyes to pray, while you’re behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, qualifies as a very, very bad idea.

Original article:  Woman who was driving while praying with her eyes closed hits house

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