Robbers Try To Hold Up Cellphone Store, Get Trapped Inside

It was the best of crimes, it was the worst of crimes…

Police in New Jersey say they’re still on the lookout for two armed robbers who held up a cell phone store, got trapped inside that store for more than 20 minutes, and then, somehow, managed to escape.

It all started when the duo walked into the cell phone retailer, pulled out a weapon and demanded merchandise. The store manager told them he didn’t want any problems and they should help themselves to whatever they wanted.

While the pair was busy stuffing phones into their bag, the manager, and the other store patrons, escaped through a back door.  He then slammed the gate shut which essentially left the robbers trapped inside the store.

You would think this would have made things pretty easy for the police, but it seems that the 911 dispatch system fell short.  Calls were placed at 4:09, 4:13 and 4:27 pm.   By the time the police showed up the robbers had located a tool box and were able to pry through the bars on a back window.

Original article: Robbers Get Locked in New Jersey Cellphone Store, Crowd Watches and Laughs

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