If you work for an armored car company, the last thing you want to do is to leave that truck open, unlocked and unattended.

But that’s exactly what happened in New York earlier this month.

It’s not surprising that a very bold, very brazen criminal decided to take advantage of the situation.  Video surveillance footage shows an unknown man walking up to the truck, grabbing a bucket and walking off.

Police say that one of the truck’s drivers was making a pick up; the other was distracted because he was on his cell phone.

Authorities say the bucket was filled with gold chips and that it’s total estimated value is floating somewhere in the realm of $1.6 million.  They don’t believe the thief had any idea what was inside the bucket—he simply saw an opportunity and took it.

Police say they believe the man is hiding out in Florida.

Original article: Bold thief takes advantage of golden opportunity

Photo credit: Twitter

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