How Can I Get a Message to an Inmate?

My husband was arrested a couple hours ago and he’s tried to call me a few times.  I tried to set up the Global Tel Link stuff on my phone, and I entered my credit card information but the calls aren’t connecting.  I want him to know that his sister and I are working with a bail bondsman to get him out.  Is there any way to get a message to him? I don’t want him to worry.

Unfortunately, the only way to talk to an inmate is if they contact you.  The jailers will not pass on messages from spouses, clergy, bail bonds agents or attorneys.  The only other option is to schedule an in-person visit, but if you’re trying to get him out ASAP, a visit will greatly delay the bail bonds process.  If you’re not trying to get him out ASAP, and you and his sister will be working on this over the next few days, an in-person visit may be a good option.

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