Thieves Use Tractor to Break into House

Burglars tend to be pretty creative when they break into a home.  Some pick locks, some know how to disable security systems and others simply walk the perimeter to see if the doors or windows have been unlocked.

Well, apparently, two thieves in Germany decided they’d take a different approach.

Police in the northwestern portion of the country say that two thieves stole a tractor (yes, a tractor) and used that to smash a hole into the wall of a home.  Once they gained entry, they grabbed a safe and ran off.

The authorities haven’t said what was in the safe, but they have said the homeowners weren’t harmed.  They also haven’t said how the duo managed to hotwire the tractor—or where the tractor came from!

The suspects are still at large.

Original article: Instead of breaking into the house, they broke the house

Photo credit: Fotolia

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