Another Millennial Carjacker Thwarted by Stick Shift

It was the best of crimes, it was the worst of crimes.

The running joke is that that one of the best anti-theft devices a car can have—is a manual transmission.  Try as they may, try as they might, the bulk of Millennials simply don’t know how to drive a stick shift.

And, not surprisingly, would-be-car-thieves throughout the US have gotten arrested because they couldn’t drive the vehicle they were trying to steal.

That’s exactly what happened with 18-year-old Damari Wayne.

According to a report by the Huffington Post, Wane had committed three carjackings in less than two weeks. He was arrested after the first incident, police said, but Wayne was released after he posted bond.

Hours after his release, he and an accomplice carjacked two more vehicles. The first was a 2015 Jeep Cherokee.  The second, was a Ford Mustang with a manual transmission.  Since neither of the robbers knew how to drive it, they held the driver hostage and demanded they tell him how to work the clutch.

It didn’t work.

At some point they got so frustrated they abandoned the plan—but not before stealing the victim’s cell phone.  Police used the phone’s GPS to track their location and viola!  Both men were taken into custody.

Wayne has since been charged with three counts of aggravated robbery.  His bail bonds have been set at $100,000.

Original article: Accused carjacker caught because he couldn’t drive stick

Photo credit: Cleveland Police Department via Accused carjacker caught because he couldn’t drive stick

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