Man Claims He Didn’t Pay Child Support Because He Died

You can file this under “craziest excuses ever used.”

A Milwaukee man named as John McCroy (aka, “rapper” Jakitdown) told a judge that he didn’t pay child support for his daughter—because he died in a car accident.

The man, who has apparently resurrected from the beyond, was supposed to be paying $100 per month, reports, but he never made the court-ordered payments. Again, because he died.

Oddly enough, Jakitdown’s social media pages remained quite active after his “death.” In one, he’s pictured holding wads of cash! In another post, he’s wearing a mink coat and diamond sunglasses!!  It seems that Jakitdown has done quite well for himself in the afterlife! Praise the lords!

Reporters wanted to know how he made all that cash.  He told them he made his money by “selling mix tapes.”

The mother of his daughter is obviously disgusted.  If he “can’t afford” to pay for their child, she said, he shouldn’t be posting all these flashy pictures all over the internet. What a dumb dead dude.

Original article: Deadbeat dad who “died” to get out of paying child support now claims he’s permanently disabled

Photo credit: Facebook

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