Man High on LSD Calls Police ‘Because a Spider Gave Birth in His Stomach’

A 19-year-old Ohio man found himself in quite a pickle after he called the police to report he’d swallowed a pregnant spider.

According to the South Euclid Police Department’s Facebook page, the man said the spider had given birth in his stomach and that baby spiders were crawling out his mouth.

He went on to tell emergency dispatch officials that he could “feel all eight legs crawling around his throat.”

Police said that with some further investigation, they determined the man had taken LSD an hour before the call.

“If this Facebook post doesn’t convince you to not partake in the use of drugs,” they said, “nothing will.”

The story has since gone viral; the post has been viewed more than 1,900 times and it’s been shared more than 2,500 times.

Original article:  Man on LSD calls South Euclid police, says spider gave birth in his stomach

Photo credit: Fotolia

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