Conviction for Brandishing a Finger Gun? It Happened to This Guy

If there’s one thing that Charles Smith is guilty of, it’s making bad decisions. The first bad decision happened six years ago, when he decided to hold up a check cashing store. He strolled in, walked up to a teller and demanded they turn over all the money they had.
Since he didn’t have a weapon, Smith placed his hand underneath his hoodie and held it in a “finger gun” position.

He repeatedly told he her had a gun

The teller complied, the robber got the money and a short time later, police arrested him in the vicinity of the store. A gun was never recovered.

Smith was eventually convicted, according to a report by Newser, but Smith decided to take an interesting approach to his appeal.

He argued that the attempted first-degree robbery charge should be overturned because he didn’t actually have a gun.

The appeals court laughed the case right out of the courtroom.

We’ll still give him an “A” for effort.

Original article: Court rules against man who brandished finger gun

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