iPhone Thief Dresses Up as Target Employee, Steals $40k in Phones

Police in Virginia say they’re on the lookout for a woman who managed to steal $40,000-worth of iPhones from Target. How did she do it, you ask?

She dressed up like a store employee.

Authorities say the thief donned tan pants and a shirt that resembled one that legitimate employees wear. She walked into the store with a large box, strolled into the stockroom and piled every iPhone she could get her hands on into that box.

Investigators say the thief seemed to have inside-knowledge about how the store worked including where the iPhones were stored and what the employees’ hours were.

But this isn’t the first time that a thief used a costume to commit an elaborate heist.  In July 2015, a man dressed up like an armored truck driver so he could steal tens of thousands of dollars from his friendly neighborhood Walmart.  Much like the current crime, store employees were none the wiser until after the thief disappeared.

Original article: Imposter dressed as armored truck driver steals $75K from Oklahoma Walmart: cops

Photo credit: Fotolia

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