Boxing Super-Fan Rushes Boxing Ring, Takes A Swing at One of the Fighters

Picking a fight is never advised—especially if the person you’re picking a fight with is a professional boxer.

But that didn’t stop this unnamed Florida man from rushing a boxing ring to take a swing at one of the fighters.

The incident happened in February, according to a report by, when undefeated boxers Jose Resendiz and Joshua Pagan were going at it, blow for blow. At some point in the last round, Resendiz managed to get his opponent pinned against the ropes.

That, according to the report, is when some unknown super-fan rushed the ring and tried to throw a punch at Resendiz.

It’s hard to say whether the fan was drunk, crazy or just a huge huge Pagan fan, but either way, his actions caused a temporary delay in the match.

The final round needed to be restarted; at the end of it, Pagan won in a split decision.

Original article: Fan tries to punch boxer in the middle of a match

Photo credit:  ScreenShot via Fan tries to punch boxer in the middle of a match

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