Drunk Guy Picks Fight with Crime Fighting-Robot; Things End Badly for the Human

It was the best of crimes, it was the worst of crimes.

Police in Mountain View, CA said a drunk man who picked a fight with a Knightscope K5 security robot was arrested last month after the robot sounded a security alarm.

Authorities aren’t sure why 41-year-old Jason Sylvain decided to approach and knock down the 300-pound robot, but he probably didn’t expect the robot would cause him any trouble. The robots are equipped with cameras and alarms, police say, and they’re designed to spin and sound that alarm when a crime has been detected.

When the robot got sucker punched, the alarms went off.

Police say the robot did exactly what it was programmed to do. It reported a crime as soon as it detected one.

The robot sustained a few scratches, police said, but Sylvain got off much worse. He was arrested and charged with public intoxication and prowling.

Original article: Robot gets revenge after drunk guy picks fight

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