Men Attack ‘Drag Queens’; Intended Victims Were Actually MMA Fighters On Their Way Home from A Costume Party

The story is surely an oldie but goodie.

Back in 2009 the ran a story about two would-be thugs who decided to lay down a beating on some drag queens.  But the big, big flaw in that plan is that their intended victims turned out to be professional cage fighters, who were on their way home from a costume party. Whoops!

In what can only be described as “instant Karma,” the cage fighters, well, they fought back… hard. The men who tried to start this fight, who were later identified as 19-year-old Dean Gardener and 22-year-old Jason Fender, got their butts whooped.

Video of the incident shows “intended victims”—one of which was wearing a “sparkling black dress and high heels” were pretty quick to use some “self-defense” tactics.  The fighters, who were wearing high heels at the time of the would-be attack, finished their business and strutted along their way… fiercely.

As for the attackers- well they were arrested. Police said the men were “extremely intoxicated” when they picked them up; Gardener and Fender later pleaded guilty to using abusive words and behavior.

Original article: Thugs attack two transvestites… who turn out to be cage fighters wearing fancy dress

Photo credit:  Fotolia

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