Parenting Fail: Drunk Mom Puts 8-Year-Old on Her Lap, Tells Him to Drive

A Wisconsin woman who has two prior DUI convictions has been arrested again and this time around, police say that 37-year-old Carrie Bernard had her son in her lap, and she’d instructed him to “drive” the home.

Yes. The very intoxicated Bernard told her 8-year-old son to take control of the steering wheel.

The sheriff’s department said they figured all this out after a law enforcement officer saw the car traveling onto a highway onramp. When he pulled her over, he spotted the child, who had since climbed into the passenger seat, crying and saying that he didn’t want to go to jail.

The deputy, who was quick to figure out mom was drunk, cuffed her and put her into the back of his squad car. And despite the fact that Bernard was informed of her right to remain silent, he heard her say “I think I might have a drink after this.”


The child has since been turned over to child protection services.

Original article: Cops stop 8-year-old boy driving on lap of ‘drunk’ mom

Photo credit: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office via Cops stop 8-year-old boy driving on lap of ‘drunk’ mom

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