How the Bail Bonds Process Works

Most people have never found themselves in a position where they’ve been asked to help arrange bail bonds for a friend or family member.  The only exposure they have to the bail bonds industry is based on what they’ve seen on television or in the movies. Hollywood, however, has gotten things very, very wrong.

In the state of California, all bail bonds agents are licensed through the CA Department of insurance. They must pass a nationwide background test, pass a state licensing test and take continuing education classes each year.

When you contact a bondsman, they’ll begin by asking you to provide the basics: the name of the defendant, when they were arrested, which jail they are at and whether you know their charges and bail amount. If you don’t have that information on hand that’s ok; it can be looked up very quickly.

The next step involves completing a bail bonds application.  When you sign the application, you’ll be agreeing to take full legal responsibility that the defendant will go to court and finish their case. You’ll also be agreeing to pay the bondsman’s fee.

In California, the cost to purchase bail bonds will be 10% of the defendant’s bail amount.  This fee is nonrefundable no matter what happens with their case.

Once the paperwork is complete and payment arrangements have been made, an agent will be dispatched to the jail to post the defendant’s bail bonds.

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