Inmates Use Peanut Butter to Escape from Jail

A dozen inmates in Alabama staged an elaborate jailbreak—and they did it by using peanut butter to trick a guard.

Walker County Sheriff James Underwood said the inmates used saved up peanut butter to change the number over a door, and for some strange reason, a newly-hired staffer didn’t notice the change.

The sheriff went onto tell reporters that one of the inmates asked the jailer to open the door; since the jailer thought the peanut butter smudged door was to a cell, as opposed to the outside, he obliged. Oops!

As the outside door opened to freedom, a total of 12 inmates made a run for it. They stripped out of their jail orange jumpsuits as they were sprinting to the fence. They used blankets to cover themselves when they climbed the barbed wire barrier.

Eleven of the inmates have since been recaptured while the finale escapee remains at large.

Original article: Alabama inmates escaped jail without using weapons. They used peanut butter

image credit: Walker County Sheriff’s Office

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