Man Blames Positive Drug Test on ‘Everything Bagel’

A man who has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to take over a Pacific Northwest wildlife refuge has claimed his daily “everything bagel” is the reason he popped dirty on a court-ordered drug test.

James Blomgren was arrested by federal officers last year after he robbed the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and while his sentencing isn’t scheduled to take place until the end of the month, he remains under the supervision of federal law enforcement officers. Under that supervision, Blomgren needs to submit to drug tests.

News reports indicate that the defendant “popped dirty” on a May 22 urinalysis, which led law enforcement officials to believe he’d been taking opiates.  As such, they asked to court to remand him.

But in an odd turn of events, his attorney managed to get the violation thrown out. Why? Because an investigator was going to testify that Blomgren eats an everything bagel, which includes poppy seeds, on a daily basis.

The judge has since revised the court’s supervision terms to include an everything bagel stay-away order.

The defendant said that moving forward, he plans to eat egg whites, instead.

Original article: Lawyer blames client’s drug results on ‘everything’ bagel

Photo credit: Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office via Lawyer blames client’s drug results on ‘everything’ bagel

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