Police: Woman Arrested for Assaulting Officers with KFC Chicken

People have a way of arming themselves with some pretty interesting weapons (awhile back we posted a blog about a man who threw an alligator though a Wendy’s drive-through window), but we’ve never heard of someone using KFC chicken as their weapon of choice. Until today.

Police in Australia say they were attacked—with fried chicken—by a woman in 2014, but for some unknown reason, it took them three years to track her down.

The suspect, who has been identified as Tammie Peters, appeared in court earlier this year.  Prosecutors say it all started when she pitched a piece of “half-eaten KFC chicken at head level in the direction of police.”

When she realized she missed, she picked the chicken piece up off the ground and threw it again.

Police arrested her earlier this year at a local hotel. It was later learned she had an outstanding warrant for assaulting a didgeridoo player.

Original article: Aussie chick arrested for throwing KFC at the cops

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