Attempted Robbery: Two Nuns Walk into a Bank…

Police in Pennsylvania are still trying to determine the identities of a pair of women who dressed up as nuns.

And while dressing up as a nun isn’t a crime, trying to rob a bank while you’re dressed in any sort of costume certainly is.

The incident happened in late-August, according to a report by Newser, when the duo strolled into their friendly neighborhood bank. The employees never expected that one of the “nuns” would pull out a handgun!

She started brandishing the weapon, but for some reason, they left before they could get their hands on any money.  Investigators believe the women may have gotten spooked after they thought one of the tellers may have pushed a panic button.

The identities of the women have not yet been discovered.

Original article: ‘Nuns’ try to rob Poconos bank, leave empty handed

Photo credit: Uncredited via Newser

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