Woman Poisons Coworker’s Coffee with Soap, Gets Sentenced to 3.5 Years

You may need to get along with your coworkers, but you’re not required to like them; and while not liking someone is one thing, trying to poison them is another.

Police in Virginia have confirmed that a woman has been sentenced to serve three and a half years behind bars after she was convicted of trying to poison her coworker’s coffee with dish soap and glass cleaner.

Investigators say it all began in early 2016, when an employee of JAS Forwarding Worldwide began to experience vomiting and stomach pain. Ten months later, she started to suspect that someone was messing with her coffee.

The woman brought her concerns to her supervisor and he decided to take a look at the security tapes.  What did he find?  Well, he found clear-as-day images of 33-year-old Mayda Juarez pouring Windex into the coffee maker.

Juarez later admitted she was trying make her boss sick, and that she had also put soap into the coffee machine, too.

Original article: Office Worker Gets 3.5 Years for Poisoning Coffee With Soap

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