Man Taken to Hospital After Sticking Penis in Gym Weight

Hospital workers in Germany say they got the surprise of their life when a man came in with a rather unusual problem.

The man, who has not been identified for obvious reasons, seemed to have gotten a very “sensitive” part of his body stuck inside a piece of gym equipment. That equipment, workers said, was a round, 2.5-kilogram weight— which ultimately needed to be sawed off the man’s penis

Suffice to say, once the story was posted to social media, posters went wild.

“”When his grandkids ask him one day: ‘Grandpa, what was your biggest accomplishment in life?’ He can say: ‘One time I went viral on the internet…’ And his grandkids will say: ‘What? How?’ And he’ll go: ‘Well um there was that one time I went to the gym…'”

Twitter was equally relentless.

“Where was his spotter,” one poster asked. “So many questions…” another man posted.

Lucky for this man, stupidity isn’t a prosecutable crime!

Original article:  A man stuck a ‘sensitive body part’ in a gym weight because guys are gross like that

Photo credit: Worms Fire Department/Facebook

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