Man Wearing Coke Bottle Costume Robs Kentucky Restaurant

A man who was dressed up in a Coke bottle costume (of all things) is wanted for robbing a Kentucky-based restaurant.

The restaurant was closed at the time the incident took place, police said, adding that the only person who was onsite at the time this went down was the manager.

And boy—was that manager surprised.  He never expected to be attacked by a giant Coke bottle when he opened the back door.  The Coke bottle was carrying a gun—but he didn’t fire any shots.  He did, however, manage do pocket about $500 before he escaped in a getaway car.

It’s not immediately clear if the robber has been involved in other, similar crimes, or if he simply wanted to “taste the feeling” of committing a felony.

Police are asking anyone who believes they might have information about the crime, or the robber, to please contact the authorities.

Original article: Man dressed as coke bottle robs Kentucky restaurant

Photo credit: Henderson Police Department via Man dressed as coke bottle robs Kentucky restaurant

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