Raccoon Hitches Ride on Cop Car

Most people tend to avoid police cars unless they’re in some sort of trouble.  Animals tend to avoid them because of the sirens and flashing lights.

Yet that didn’t stop this bold, brave raccoon from hopping onto the windshield of a squad car—while it was moving— so he could partake in a bit of a joyride.

According to a report by the Huffington Post, the critter jumped onto a Colorado Springs Police Department vehicle’s windshield as the officer was headed to the scene of a serious car crash.

Suffice to say, it took the officer completely off-guard.

“The officer, Christopher Frabbiele was ‘pawsitively surprised’ at his unexpected passenger,” the CSPD wrote on its Facebook page.  “He found a safe place to pull over and snapped two photos of the hitchhiker.”

The raccoon got off with a warning.

Original article: Gutsy raccoon gives new meaning to “police-ride-along’

Photo credit: Colorado Springs Police Department Facebook Page via Gutsy raccoon gives new meaning to “police-ride-along’

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