7-11 Customer Gets Arrested for Assault with Nacho Cheese

Some people might think that an assault with melted nacho cheese is a dangerous crime; others might find it delicious.

A Florida woman (of course) was arrested and charged with battery last month after she was accused of throwing a “cup full of hot nacho cheese” at a 7-11 employee.

Police say it all started after the now-defendant, who has been identified as 31-year-old Sophie Hicks, got into some verbal spat with the store clerk over something that had to do with the nacho cheese dispenser.

Hicks had been trying to open it, the clerk said, and when she was asked to stop, she got more than a little angry.

She got even more angry when she tried to pay for her food and the clerk refused to serve her (no shirt, no shoes, no listening to the clerk when they tell you not to do something = no service).

So what did Hicks do? Well, not only did she throw a full cup of hot nacho cheese at the employee, she also struck the employee with a sandwich!

When the police showed up they found the employee covered in melted cheese. Hicks, they said, had the full attitude that the customer is always right.

The Smoking Gun reports that Hicks was booked into the county jail on misdemeanor battery charges. She was released from custody 24-hours later.

Original article: 7-Eleven Patron Busted in Nacho Cheese Attack

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