Man Accidentally Shoots Penis During Hot Dog Stand Robbery

No- this one didn’t happen in Florida.

A Chicago man found himself behind bars, and in a whole bunch of pain after he shot himself in the penis while robbing a hot dog stand.

The incident happened in March of this year, according to a report by the Huffington Post, when the 19-year-old suspect strolled up to a pair of hot dog stand employees to demand they turn over their wallets, their cell phones and their cash.

At one point, the suspect pulled out a gun and put it to the head of one of the employees—and that’s where things started to go south. That employee had been passing a bucket of hot grease over the counter, and at some point during this altercation, the grease bucket tipped over.

Cash went flying everywhere!

That, according to news reports, is when the suspect put his gun in his waistband, grabbed the money and took off running.

But… as bad luck would have it, that’s when the gun discharged. The bullet struck the man straight in the penis!

He somehow managed to stagger home and call 911; police caught up with him a short time later.

Original article: Man shot himself in penis while robbing hot dog stand, police say

Image Credit: FreeRage Stock | Merelize


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