Man Being Chased by Police Calls 911, Asks to Talk to Donald Trump

Talk about trying to pull a Trump card.

A Florida man (of course) who called 911 when he was being chased by police, asked dispatch officers if they could connect him to the President, has been arrested.

And it’s surprising that a man tried to invoke a fake-friendship with POTUS to get out of an arrest. What’s not surprising, is that the incident began when sheriff’s deputies approached the now-defendant’s car, they noticed a “marijuana-like scent” coming out of his parked vehicle.

Things went downhill quickly from there.

The deputy peeked inside the window, according to news reports, and when they saw a bag containing a “green fluffy substance” inside of it, they tried to confiscate said bag. The owner of the car, who has since been identified as Aric Frydberg, wasn’t having it.

Instead of handing it over, he shoved it into his mouth and swallowed it. He then put the petal to the medal and called 911.

It continues to get weirder from there.

In addition to asking the dispatch operator to “call Donald Trump” because “he’s a close friend of mine and we made a deal,” he also claimed “it wasn’t his fault, it was the Jews who fu*&kd me, not Donald Trump, it was the Jewish community.”

He also went onto claim that his mom called after he was in a car accident, adding his “flesh and blood was in a car accident and I have to stop and help you.”

He was evetuallly arrested and was charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer, resisting an officer with violence, possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence. His bail was set at $99,500.

Original article: Florida man being chased by police asks 911 to call Donald Trump

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