Man in Clown Costume Does a Bunch of Coke, Passes Out In Stranger’s House

Clowns don’t need to look like Pennywise to be scary.

A 43-year-old Vermont man won a one-way-trip to the county lock up after he dressed up in clown suit, did a bunch of cocaine, and passed out in an upstairs bedroom of a stranger’s home.

The defendant, who has been identified as Sean Barber had been at a Halloween party, police said, which explains why he was dressed like a clown.

What they can’t explain is how the man wound up in a random house, that most definitely was not his own.

Barber was discovered by a teenager who lived in the house; police arrived at 3:30am and roused the sleeping clown. Once they were satisfied he was awake, the cuffed him and took him downtown.

Jailers said the man was found to be in possession of cocaine at the time of his arrest.

Original article: Police: Coked-Up Clown Found Asleep in Stranger’s Home in Vermont

Photo credit: Norman Johnson via FreeRange Stock

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